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"Hi Tim!"
Tim took a deep breath. Okay, he was finally going to do it. He was finally going to tell Reese. His fingers hovered over the keyboard.
Okay? Okay. Okay…. He thought.
He hesitated, and then typed it out. Lucah, I love you. Short, sweet, and maybe a bit too cheesy. But whatever. He hesitated again.
He pressed enter. A split-second later, a message from her popped up, it came way to fast to have been a response.
"Tim! I have a boyfriend!"
Tim's eyes widened.  No. He blew it. He ruined everything.
Tim shook his head and took another deep breath. That wasn't going to happen. He wasn't going to let doubt stop him again. Before he could press enter, he received a message from Lucah.
"Oh hey Tim, I finally have a boyfriend!"
Tim's heart sank. He knew it. At least now, he didn't confess yet. But was this really better? He deleted what he had typed out, and instead sent something else.
"Really? Who?"
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 5 15
Missing- Chapter 3: Emile- Bowser's Castle
Chapter 3-Emile: Bowser's Castle
"Wait a minute…" a voice muttered. "Emile?"
Emile turned around. He couldn't see anything, but the person who had spoken was obvious. "Jon?"
"Uh, yeah."  Emile squinted, and his eyes adjusted so he could see. Jon was sitting on another mattress a few feet away. Emile stood, and stretched because he had been sitting for a while.
"Where are we?" he asked.
Jon stood up as well. "Do you think I'd know?"
"Well… I dunno, maybe."
"How did you get here?"
"I kind of fell."
He couldn't see him, but Emile could tell that Jon had rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, I saw, but fell from where?"
Emile pointed upwards, to the ceiling above his head. "I was sitting on the couch in the hotel room, then the floor shook, then I fell through some hole."
"The couch in the hotel room?"
"But—" Jon stepped forward, and suddenly the lights came on. They were in a plain white room, with no furniture except the mattresses and a door. They both squinted, not used to the su
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 15 14
Missing- Chapter 2: Jon (A TRG fanfic)
Chapter 2- Jon
That same morning, Jon woke up on the sofa, also alone. He lay there for a few minutes, and he remembered what happened last night. He had... he had fallen asleep…
He could feel his cheeks grow red. Emile wasn't there anymore, which was kind of strange, he always woke up late. Jon was about to sit up, when a thought occurred to him. Emile was probably hiding behind the couch, ready to give him a heart attack.
"All right Emi—"he said, sitting up and looking behind the couch. No one was there. Tim and Josh were still asleep. He looked at the bathroom door. No one was inside. Weird. Then where was Emile?
He looked at the table in front of the couch that usually held Emile's laptop for when they recorded. It wasn't there; instead, there was Josh's laptop.
Huh? Jon thought. He was pretty sure Josh didn't handle their recordings. He looked at his phone. It was so early.
Way too early for anyone to have gone to the convention already. He looked through his contacts, and
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 14 15
Dear Adult Me,
Dear Adult Me,
Dude, hi. How is it going? Are you happy? Do you have a nice job/college? Are you living in the fantasies I always dream up, or have you found your own fantasy to enjoy? Hell, I should probably stop asking questions, seeing, as you probably can't answer (unless you've met the Doctor but I doubt you'd want to answer these when you could be off saving the world.) and knowing your future is bad for you right?
Now I know I can't really give you any advice on how to avoid stuff seeing as I'm writing to a future you/me, but maybe I could give you some reminders, you're always forgetful :P
First off, don't ever forget all the stories and lessons you've learned. From books, movies, shows, and so much more. I don't want you to mess up and turn into some evil monster, but no pressure.
Second, don't ever let go of all the nerdy things in life. Books, games, art, etc. Don't ever stop watching the vlogbrothers, therunawayguys, the Yogscast, and all those YouTubers that
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 1 3
Missing- Chapter 1: Emile (A TRG fanfic)
Chapter 1- Emile
Emile woke up, curled up on the couch, alone. He sat up, stretched, and looked around.
"Oh look, sleeping beauty is finally up." Josh said teasingly. He was sitting on the floor, looking for something in his suitcase.
"Oh ha ha ha." Emile stood up and walked to the bathroom to wash his face. "Where is everyone else?"
"Oh, they're downstairs already. I was gonna wake you up, you're the only one still sleeping."
"Oh."  Emile got ready for their day of PAX, and went downstairs to join his friends. As they walked to the convention center, he noticed something was missing.
"Hey, where's Jon?" Emile asked Tim.
"Yeah… Jon, Jonathan, ProtonJon?" Tim looked at him, confused.
"What do you mean 'who?"
"I mean 'who' as in 'I don't know who you're talking about." It was Emile's turn to look confused.
"You don't—"he cut himself short. The look on Tim's face told him he was being serious. But what other possibility could there be other than he was messing with hi
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 19 11
Missing- Prologue (A TRG fanfic)
It seemed like an ordinary session. They played, they trolled, they laughed, and they generally had fun. But this recording session seemed to stray from the usual. Tim went to use the bathroom, and Josh went outside because he got a call, leaving Jon and Emile in the hotel room.
Jon leaned back on the couch and stretched. "Damn, it's late."
Emile yawned and leaned back too. "I know, even for us."
A few minutes of silence later, Josh came back inside. He grinned when he saw the two. They had both fallen asleep, leaning on each other. He had to suppress a laugh. Tim came out of the bathroom, and stood next to Josh, who nudged him. Tim saw Jon and Emile, and he smiled too. They both agreed that they should probably stop for the night.
They turned off the recording set up and took Jon and Emile's controllers from them, then went to sleep on their own beds. Before he closed his eyes, Tim glanced again at the two sleeping on the couch, slightly amazed. They both looked so… peaceful. And when
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 8 5
Dear older sister
Dear older sister,
Hi. I know you probably won't be reading this, but whatever. I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for always being there, for always being someone I could talk to and have fun with. Thank you for introducing me to all those amazing things I never would have found by myself. Thank you for all those moments where I could barely breathe from laughter. Thank you for shaping who I am.
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 1 1
The Only One on the Light Train
She sits down on a soft velvety chair. She feels a fluttering in her stomach. Something that can only be nostalgia. She remembers the only other time she was on the Light Train. Before she knows it, she's exploring the past. It was the last time she saw him, two years ago. They both hopped on the Train, getting a bit bruised. They sat there, discussing the problem. He gripped her hands, saying how much he wanted to run away from all of it. He didn't realize that she was already hatching a plan to escape. She said she was going to look out the windows, but instead she went to the door and left him. Only now does she realize how foolish she was.
A week ago, she had a dream. She dreamt of the Train, with a voice ringing in the background. "Zephyr… Tokyo… he needs you…." and with a flash of light, she woke up. She knew she couldn't back out. She never could. She only delayed the problem. And now she had to face it. She is ripped back to reality by a voice, a low and cracking
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Odyssey into 2012
She stands up and holds on to the gate as she stands. She grips the cold metal and looks ahead. She looks at the calendar that was in her pocket. She puts it back in her pocket and looks at the other one. Suddenly she notices the necklace around her neck, which has a metal ring that holds a tiny scroll. She takes it, and unfurls the scroll. "Elizabeth" it says. A million questions pop into her mind, adding to the many ones already in her head. It's obviously her name. If her name was written there, it was either adding to the design, or could it be that she had planned for her to lose her memory? She looks ahead of herself again, putting the scroll back on her necklace. Then suddenly a door appears. She approaches it, examining it.
It's a simple door painted blue, with a golden handle. When she grabs the handle, she feels it vibrating. Words suddenly appear near the top of the door. "Think of a destination and go" it says. Not knowing where else to go, Elizabeth thinks of Tokyo. She op
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I am here waiting
For inspiration to strike
I am waiting and hoping
To find the words that are right
Because November is here
No need for fear
But it's only 30 days
So I will let my imagination sweep me away.
I have music on
And Microsoft Word open
I had waited for so long
And the time is here, as I listen to some songs
It's National Novel Writing Month
And to succeed I must hunt.
For the right words, characters, and plot.
I can tell I will enjoy this a lot.
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 1 0
Waiting and waiting...
The clue, the answer, the link, the quill.
I will try my best, I know most fans will.
When I saw the chance for early access I said "I won't get in"
That was because I thought the chances were thin.
But it's 1 million people, I am a lucky one.
I got in before registration was done.
I will treasure this forever, the rest of my days.
I'm occupying myself, in many ways.
The letter isn't here yet, I cannot go in.
It will come soon though, that is the thing.
So in agony I wait, it might take weeks.
But it coming soon, is what I seek.
I wait and wait, my spirits raise with each email.
But my mouth turns to a frown, and I feel down
I imagine others too,
and I think "It's not just you"
I will still wait, no matter how long it takes.
I will wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 1 0
Harry Potter Lunaii by daboredghurl Harry Potter Lunaii :icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 2 3
I hate list
I hate being bored.
I hate idiots.
I hate people who spell wrong on purpose to look "cool".
I hate people who say they're emo just because they have bangs, draw/print emo pictures, and "cut".
I hate people who pick on others just because they're different.
I hate stereotypes.
I hate my computer chair.
I hate the free will on Sims.
I hate people who use other people to do what they want.
I hate the fact that I had so many ideas in my head that went away when I started typing.
I hate people who think they're always right.
I hate Twilight.
I hate Justin Beiber's fans.
I hate Twilight's fans.
I hate people who hate Harry Potter for no reason.
I hate forgetting to put the period at the end of each sentence.
I hate my laziness.
I hate evil teachers.
I hate it when the internet is slow.
I hate it when there's no electricity.
I hate the movie The Last Airbender.
I hate that my favorite foods are unhealthy.
I hate being sleepy.
I hate being sick.
I hate coughing really hard.
I hate slow people.
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 0 6
Write your nyan wrong by daboredghurl Write your nyan wrong :icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 2 3
The 3 awesome deviants
These are the 3 awesome deviants, and my thank you letters to them.
Dear Slinkers,
           You are awesome. I always wait for the time you would post a new animation or comic, even if it's a fan comic about something I don't watch/read. You not update every day, but the wait is worth it. Thank you for being so awesome and funny.
                                                             love, daboredghurl.
P.S. Thank you to Ducky too.
Dear Patchesis,
              Thank you. Thank yo
:icondaboredghurl:daboredghurl 4 3


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